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If you’re new to the Town Mill Bakery and our ethos then it’s probably a good idea to let you know how it all works… and why we do things this way.  Our bakery restaurants are made up of five distinct brands: breakfast, lunch, tea, supper and our shop. We don’t do all-day-breakfasts, cake in […]

Us Brits, as a nation, are technologically and economically revolutionary, but socially and politically conservative. But how does this manifest itself? An ideal example is the Mini. The original has been loved since the 60s for the freedom and design ideals it represented. Even now we have a huge emotional attachment to it as a […]

Someone asked me the other day who had inspired me in my life, and I couldn’t think of an answer. This may have been down to the fact that the person asking the question was a veteran of the conflicts in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan, where he worked as a bomb disposal expert for […]

You might have heard the word on the street that we’ve put the franchise of our Town Mill Bakery in Lyme Regis, Dorset, up for sale.  We don’t want any of our customers to panic so thought we’d better set the record straight about exactly what we’re doing, and why.  You probably already know that […]


The economist EF Schumacher wrote a book we love called “Small is Beautiful” and we use this book as a bible. It’s our aim to keep our system as enclosed as possible with the origins of our products as close to home as we can. That’s why all the food we serve here is made […]