Thoughts on… Family eating


This little boy’s Saturday morning was all about peeling a boiled egg. He sat on one of our benches, concentrating and peeling away while his grandfather sat opposite him, just watching, and the rest of his family were off making toast.

He didn’t need any help, and it didn’t matter to us if he made a mess because we are not in the food business, we’re in the having fun business. We want all the family to have a good time for as much of the day as possible, and that starts in the morning.

At breakfast we don’t do serving – we let people do their own thing the way they want to do it. In fact, we don’t do much of the conventional corporate customer care thing at all. We prefer watching and listening to people trying to work out the process of getting fed. Let the children make their own toast and get involved – it brings the hunter-gather out in everyone.

And this is another reason why we don’t do highchairs. If your child is too tiny to sit up on their own, we think they should sit on your lap. Even if they’re not too small they can still sit on your lap. Highchairs are like digging a moat around a child; they keep them safe but they’re not interacting.

We want to see a lot more cuddling, and a lot more boiled egg peeling.


One Response to “Thoughts on… Family eating”

  1. 1 Ellie

    Clearly you’ve never come across highchairs that you can pull up to the table, without a tray, placing the toddler or baby at the same dining level as everyone else? Personally, with a small baby and a toddler, if I see a cafe that doesn’t have highchairs I don’t go in. There is no room on my lap for a breastfeeding baby AND the toddler, nor do I think I should be expected to reach round the toddler on my lap in order to eat my own meal.
    Ikea do some excellent, cheap, cleanable and trayless highchairs (Antilop, £12 a pop and stackable), but being plastic, perhaps they wouldn’t fit in with your ‘wooden breadboards as plates’ ethos? I’d be tempted to come to your cafe because I and my son love home-baked bread, but you come across as so insufferable on your website and blog that I think I’ll give it a miss.

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